Annie - self-introduction

Hey everyone, I’m Annie Segal, I’m American and I’m from High Point, NC (North Carolina), in the of the United States. I’m 21 and I graduated in May from at the of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I studied French and sustainability. I’ve been taking French about seven and a years, my second year of high school, and I in Montpellier for one semester, in the spring of 2011. I’m an English teaching assistant here this year and I’ be here May. I have long reddish-brown hair and brown eyes and I’m kind of tall, I’m about 5’7.” I like and soccer and sometimes other sports. I also like and baking and just food in general, I like French and international dishes and bread and pies and tarts and other pastries. I have a brother and a sister. My brother Richard is 20 and accounting and finance at Elon University. And my sister Caroline is 18 and just college at NC State University, where she’s planning to study interior design. My is an accountant and started his own consulting firm, and my grows lavender and is a dietitian. I’m kind of thinking about maybe being a or a librarian but so far I haven’t really decided exactly what I to do after this year.