Austria is a small that is bid on things to see and do.
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Austria is a small predominantly country which is about twice the size of and slightly smaller than the state of Maine.
The capital city is Vienna on the river. Vienna is by far the best place in the country for nightlife and that means everything from top-class to techno.
Salzburg is Austria’s most city and the birthplace of Mozart. A compact city packed full of attraction should be an essential part for any visit to Austria.
Stroll through the old streets, enjoy one of its famous music festivals or take some time to discover the city.
Austria enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. are hot with cool nights in Vienna and other low-lying cities, temperature during the day can be uncomfortably hot over July and August. Winters are cold, below freezing in January and February.
The ski season in the Alps runs from December to April but the are also popular with climbers over the summer when the is usually warm and bright.
Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Austria and is famous throughout Austrian history.
Three major ranges of the Alps : the northern central and southern Alps run west to east through Austria.
Austria has always been a melting pot of creative ideas and various artistic and styles, drawing both from the rich local legacy and a thriving art scene.
Vienna’s museum quarter has the world’s largest art complex housing several art institutions containing works from some great Masters.
The palaces and civic buildings of Austria reflect the wealth and power of its past rulers
The cuisine of Austria is often confused with Viennese cuisine. In addition to native regional traditions, it has been influenced mostly , , Italian and Bavarian cuisines. Austrian cuisine is known primarily in the rest of the world for its pastries and sweets as well as coffee ad beer.
Austria cities have plenty to engage . It is not only famous as one of the world’s premier , but also for its historical buildings, world class museums and galleries, breathtaking scenery and established hiking trails.
Both visitors in search and scenery will leave happy

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