One of this country’s most attractive quality is its and friendly climate. Hi, I'm Rebecca Brayton, and welcome to and today, we’re continuing your travel profiles with a look at .
Known as British Honduras until 1973, Belize is located in Central America. The country is bordered by Guatemala, Mexico and the . It is the only officially English-speaking country in the region, however, most belizians speak Belize creole, an english based creole language. The population of Belize is a little over three hundred thousand and capital is Belmopan.

Belize can be divided into three sections based on and geography. In the north, the land is low and flat, filled with swamps areas and . Rainforest may be found also in this region. There are also rainforests in the south of Belize, although still at a generally low elevation, it’s higher than in the north. This helps sustain evergreen woods and pines such as those in the Maya mountains. These mountains around from Belize and to Guatemala include the Mountain Pine Ridge In the third section of Belize is found the offshore keys or small . Most of this region has not been developed by humans. Ambergris key is one of the largest keys, which supports a thriving community.

Conditions in Belize are and tropical. The is comprised of two main seasons: the and the seasons.
Dry season is the most popular tourist time, which occurs between December and May. Belize City is warm all year, with averaging 72 degrees in the dry season and up to 88 degrees in the rainy season. Temperatures in Mountain Pine Ridge can fall as low as 63 degrees in December.

The climate and location is for such activities as scuba-diving and snorkeling, fishing, and various other water sports. In fact, the Great Blue Hole, an underwater sinkhole located off Belize’s , was named one of the top ten in the world by Jacques Cousteau.

Belize is home to home to highly and tropical species of and . The Belize zoo is a great place to see the country’s native fauna in its . Jaguars, monkeys, and various tropical birds are some of the animal creatures you may encounter. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary was established originally to study and protect the native jaguar, but it is also important in plant conservation. This reserve takes its name from a ridge of the Cockscomb Mountain, which resembles a rooster’s fringe.

The Mayan people are for the only fully developed in the pre-colombian Americas. They are also for their art and and mathematical, and astrological systems. The Maya of Belize are well-known and historically important, and include many pre-Columbian Mayan archeological sites. Sites such as Caracol, Cerros, Lamanai, and Xunantunich are some of the best known

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