Hello, my name is Blake, I’m 14 years old and I was born on the 17th of February 2005 in Walsall which is situated in England. I have been living in France for 10 years in a small village which is situated in the Lot, it’s halfway between Cahors and Brive. I’m a young man and I'm 5 foot 9 inches tall, which makes me taller than most of my friends. I’m also heavier than a lot of people my average age, I weigh 174 pounds. I’m right-handed, i have dark brown hair, brown eyes that look slightly green in the height of summer, i’m well built and stronger than all of my friends.

I often wear a T-Shirt , I wear a grey hoodie most of the time, a pair of blue jeans and black and white trainers, but when I go to the gym or go running, I wear a pair of grey joggers, a sport shirt and a pair of sketchers which is a running shoe.

I’m very keen on working out, but I’ve only been doing it regularly for the past 2 months. I also like running, hiking, swimming and listening to music. I like running through tracks and forests because I don’t usually bump into anyone.
My parents are still together and they have been together for 24 years. My father, Christopher, is retired but i do know that he used to work as an accountant, he said it was a very hard job with extremely long hours but he enjoyed it.
My mom Claire, cleans people's houses and does gardening jobs for people and sometimes the houses are really big so it takes a very long time to clean them.
I have a younger brother called Dexter who is 13, I also have one older stepbrother, Michael who is 33 and 2 older stepsisters, Georgia who is 23 and Jennifer who is 35. We all get on well but we sometimes argue for stupid things.
My older brother Michael is a professional chef and he works on Super Yachts, I look up to him because he has an amazing job and he gets to go all around the world visiting amazing and beautiful places. I would love to have the same job he has. I will be going to England this Christmas to see my family because i have not seen them for a while.
qui est situé ->
à mi-chemin entre ->
plus grand que la plupart de mes amis ->
je pèse - >
je suis droitier ->
plus fort que ->
j'adore faire de la musculation ->
ça fait 24 ans qu'ils sont ensembles ->
à la retraite ->
avant, il travaillait comme comptable ->
un frère cadet ->
nous nous entendons tous bien ->
nous nous disputons parfois ->
je l'admire ->
il a lo'ccasion d'aller partout dans le monde ->
ça fait un moment que je ne les ai pas vus ->