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This US city nickname is “the Queen City”. Hi, I am Rebecca Brayton. Welcome to watchmojo.com and today we will continuing our travel series with a look at New York's Buffalo Niagara region.
Located in the part of New York, Buffalo is the state’s second most populous city.
Throughout its , the city has grown due to its proximity to a number of valuable bodies of water. A waterfront city, Buffalo is found on the shores of one of the Great Lakes: lake Erie. Also nearby are the Niagara Falls which overlap the border between the United States and Canada.
The weather in Buffalo is typical of continental climates with long winters complemented by sunny and dry summers; springs and autumns are relatively short compared to these two seasons.
While the city of Buffalo itself has a population of roughly 270,000, the Buffalo Niagara Falls metropolitan area comprises well over 1 million residents.
The region is also home to a number of thriving international and ethnic neighborhoods which represent the cultural diversity of the area. This of ethnicities affects both the cuisine and the culture of .
The city is home to a number of popular art galleries that help highlight the local .
Aside from its museums, Buffalo’s festivals are also an important part of life in the city. The second largest free Shakespeare Festival in the US, Shakespeare in Delaware Park, draws to see the bards work.
Music and food festivals are also fun ways to spend summer days.
Full of historic and significant buildings, Buffalo is known as one of the best cities in America for architecture. The city features work by Frank Lloyd Wright as well as the Art Deco masterpiece that is the city’s Town Hall. Also Buffalo’s Guarantee building is considered one of world’s first . And it still stands in the city today as a national historic landmark.
Named one of the best places in the United States to be a working mother and to raise a family, Buffalo was also once named the “United States Most Friendly City”. With sociable residents and a variety of interesting landmarks to see, Buffalo is a great place for visit.
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