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I've been really fortunate to as well. , I've only places for a couple of weeks or three weeks at a time, because, you know, it to stay, but when I've been able to work, I could stay longer. For example, I've lived in France for a year because I've to work here. This makes it much easier and much more affordable.
Also, I was in when I studied for my Master's Degree, I had a scholarship which allowed me to stay longer than I could have if I had just been on .
Otherwise, in my , I've also been able to visit, more or less briefly, , , , , briefly, very briefly, , , , , , , , and a very small part of , only a couple of places for …, I don't even know if it's been a full day. Also in , I try to travel as much as possible, mainly on the , the and a little in the of the country.