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I've been really fortunate to travel as well. Most of the time, I've only stayed places for a couple of weeks or three weeks at a time, because, you know, it costs money to stay, but when I've been able to find work, I could stay longer. For example, I've lived in France for a year and a half because I've been able to work here. This makes it much easier and much more affordable.
Also, I was in Belgium when I studied for my Master's Degree, I had a scholarship which allowed me to stay longer than I could have if I had just been on vacation.
Otherwise, in my travels, I've also been able to visit, more or less briefly, Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal, briefly, very briefly, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Turkey, Morocco, and a very small part of Canada, only a couple of places for …, I don't even know if it's been a full day. Also in the United States, I try to travel as much as possible, mainly on the east coast, the south-east and a little in the middle of the country.

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