Differentiated learning - Vocabulary

   core      expectations      further      hand out      harm      however      involve      like-minded      pinpoint      range      setting up      suit      tackle      Track   

1) Provide different types of content by learning stations.
2) Students can rotate between stations that watching a video, creating artwork, and completing puzzles.
3) tTsk cards allow you to give students a of content.
4) Asking questions about learning and studying styles can help you the kinds of content that will meet your classes needs.
5) your results to identify themes and students with uncommon preferences, helping you determine which methods of instruction their abilities.
6) These tactics help more students grasp the concept of lessons, they make class more engaging.
7) Finally, have each pair share their ideas with the rest of the class and open the floor for discussion.
8) This tactic allows students to support each other's learning while giving you time to spend with each group.
9) Include a clear rubric for each type of project which clearly defines .
10) Teaching at a level that's too easily accessible to each student can your differentiated instruction efforts.
11) Teaching up allows you to focus your differentiated teaching strategy and bring each student up to high end curriculum and expectations.
12) Some games adjust questions to student trouble spots.
13) You can sheets to students for solo practice