A trip to Dubai transports you on a journey through time.
Dubai is on the southern shore on the Arabian . It has an area of some 3900 kilometers.
Dubai lies directly within the Arabian , however the of dubai is significantly from that of the southern portion of the UAE, in that much of Dubai’s landscape is highlighted by sandy desert patterns.
Dubai’s location midway between and makes for easy . London is 7 hours away by air, Frankfurt 6, Cairo 4 and Hong Kong 8.

Dubai has a subtropical arid , it has year round sunny with the rain being a very occurrence, happening only a few times a year. With months November to March, the most suitable for tourists with averaging a pleasant 75 degrees fahrenheit and on the low side.
Dubai’s international airport, the hub for the Emirate Airlines the city of Dubai and the other emirates in the country.
The airport served a total of 28 million and over 230.000 flights in 2006
The Dubai international ranks seventeenth among international airports for total cargo .

At first glance, the city presents a predominantly face an ever-changing skyline of new .
The Creek, a natural sea water inlet which cuts through the center of the city is a focal point of life in Dubai. The most are the many great flamingos which have made the Creek a home
But the contrasts give Dubai its unique and personality. A cosmopolitan society with an international lifestyle, yet with the deeply rooted in the islamic of Arabia.
One of Dubai’s most popular tourist is the desert Safari, a unique experience that an 4WD car ride over sand dunes with . Other attractions sandboarding and sand carting.
Attracting several million tourists each year with its lifestyle, Dubai has become one of the most places to call home.
Bustling with activity and fun, it has fast one of the most important real estate hubs of the world.

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