Hey everybody, my name is Elisabeth, but my call me Lisa. Glad to meet you! I'm in your school, so let me tell you more about ! I was in the Basque Country a month before in , so I am 12 years old. I have a sister who is twelve years than me, her name is Julie, she in Paris, and I miss her and love her so much. My parents are still and live . My dad is a . My mum used to be an , but now she drama and books. She was born in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and her dad was from Vienna. So I am Czech and a little bit Austrian too. Since the day I was born, we have a lot. I grew up in Bogotá, Colombia. In , we back to France, we in Alsace and in the French Riviera. We also lived in Vancouver BC. Actually, I from only two months . I must confess I was totally sad about leaving , my friends, my teachers, but now, I am feeling much better. My dad sure was lucky to get a here in the Lot. It's such a , and the people are too. We are renting an amazing old in the Bel Air, in the middle of a small , by a stone wall. There are bats nestled under our roof and you can find in the park. It's so . I like my new school and I think my new friends are just . Gosh, I'm afraid this introduction is getting way too long. So for now, and I you all a very good .
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