Social Emotional Learning: SEL

Hello and welcome to teachings in education and emotional learning, SEL the process by which people their emotions in social settings, credit to, and go to their site for more information.
First off: why should educate is devote their time to social-emotional learning?
Student emotions are often responsible for their boredom and inappropriate . You need to understand that emotions learning and student behavior. Teachers can use emotions to
and maintain engagement and get their students to .
Now, how can SEL be implemented into school systems?
SEL should guide choices, the classroom activities, novels to be read and courses that are offered. Specifically, teachers can utilize and design SEL . They can teach and model direct practices of social-emotional learning. They can even integrate SEL into their own lessons onto the SEL core competencies which is basically a for what should be taught to students in various waves and across multiple
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There are five in total.

The first competency to teach your students is self-awareness. Self-awareness is the ability to identify your own emotions and values while understanding how they influence your behavior. Throughout anyone's lifetime, they will experience a wide of emotions. The first thing to do is to teach students to identify their emotions. It's important to have an
self perception. Students should know who they are and understand their parameters.
is absolutely essential to anyone’s success. Great teachers know the importance of teaching self confidence to their students, and lastly self-efficacy from a social
standpointpoint de vue
is the individual’s ability to and engage in social settings and create interpersonal relations.

The second competency is self-management. Self-management can be defined as the ability to manage your own emotions, thoughts, stresses, and behaviors through different set situations. Students need to overcome and their
. Students can
self-management by developing and setting for themselves. Goal-setting can be a great classroom activity.
Stress management is something perceived as being an . Children have stresses as well and should be taught how to their own personal stress. We all know how important it is to be organized. Organizational skills can help set students up for success all throughout their lives.

Moving forward to the next competency is relationship skills. Relationship skills are defined as the ability to establish and maintain relationships with their first individuals and groups through communication. Individuals with good relationship skills are also good at working together in teams. skills can be developed through cooperative learning and sports. Relationships and friendships that last through the years exist when people are able to communicate in an open and honest way. Teach students how to actually build a relationship that means not being a
fair-weather friendami peu fiable
to continually invest time into people.

And the last competency is decision making. Decision-making is the ability to make about personal behavior and social interactions based on . The first part of decision-making is self-reflection. You have to understand your personal situation and stance before making important life decisions. Next is being able to analyze the situation. Students should know how important it is to and to use the available data and information. Teaching students to solve problems is something teachers should be doing every day in their classrooms and we're going to finish up with responsibility. We want to our children to be responsible members of a society. Right now I want to say thank you for your time. Subscribe to this channel please like and share this video as well and I'll see you soon.