15 social emotional skills

   Achievement orientation      Assertiveness      Cooperation      Creativity      Critical thinking / Independence      Curiosity      Emotional control      Empathy      Energy      Optimism      Persistence      Responsibility      Self-control      Self-efficacy      Self-reflection / Meta-cognition      Sociability      Stress resistance      Tolerance      Trust   

: Setting high standards and working hard to meet them.
: Ability to honor
, and be punctual and reliable.
: Ability to avoid distractions and focus attention on the current task in order to
personal goals.
: Perseverence in tasks and activities until they are finished.
: Effectiveness in modulating anxiety and ability to calmly solve problems (being relaxed,
stress well).
: Positive and optimistic
for self and life in general.
: Effective strategies for regulating
, anger, and irritation in the face of frustrations.
and caring for others and their well-being that leads to valuing and investing in close relationships.
: Assuming that others generally have good intentions and
those who have done wrong.
: Living in harmony with others and valuing
among all people.
: Interest in ideas and love of learning, understanding, and intellectual exploration; an inquisitive
mindsetétat d'esprit
: Openness to different points of view, valuing diversity, and appreciating foreign people and cultures.
: Generating
ways to do or think about things through exploring, learning from failure, insight, and vision.
: Ability to approach others, both friends and strangers, initiating and maintaining social emotional connections.
: Ability to confidently
opinions, needs, and feelings, and exert social emotional influence.
: Approaching daily life with energy, excitement, and spontaneity.
: Strong belief in personal ability to execute tasks and achieve goals.
: Ability to evaluate information and interpret it through independent and
unconstrainedspontané, non contrain
: Awareness of
processes and subjective experiences such as thoughts and feelings, and the ability to reflect on and articulate such experiences.