This Nordic nation is the least densely populated country in Europe. Welcome to, and today, we will be continuing our travel series with a look at Iceland.
Found in the North Atlantic ocean, Iceland is an country that it considered part of Europe, but is actually not connected to the continent. Its population of over three hundred and twenty thousand is spread out over an area close to forty thousand square miles.
Despite the fact that glaciers envelop more than ten percent of its land mass, iceland has a fairly .
The warmer regions are found in the southwest, where the majority of Iceland’s population is located. In fact, more half of the country’s live in the capital city of Reykjavik.
If you want to experience urban city life with a beautiful natural backdrop, then Reykjavik is the for you. You’ll be dazzled by the countryside as you savour mouth watering like icelandic lamb at any of the city’s fine restaurants. There are also a wide variety of bakeries that make their own and pastries.
After checking out some culture, live entertainment and the bustling life night, you can spend your nights recovering at one of the country’s hotels. Don’t forget to shop for and get yourself a handmade sweater or two...
For something more , take a dip in one of the city’s outdoor which are heated by the area’s abundant geothermal energy. However, Iceland’s most famous geothermal spot is actually found in Grindavic with an outdoor pool filled with and a health center encircled by a , the blue is a must for visitors.
You don’t have to go too far from the capital to take advantage of everything else Iceland has to offer.
The more types can go to rafting or canoeing, be sure to take in the gorgeous scenery including the many while you're at it.
You can also go to fishing or golfing. Iceland's most outstanding feature is its natural landscape, which includes mountains, rock formations and black beaches. When it comes to animals, the country is home of too many bird , most notably the puffin. In addition, the nation has been developing a special breed of horse called the Icelandic horse for centuries.
Whether you’re looking for a that will offer stunning views, outdoor activities or a culturally and historically rich learning experience, you’re sure to find all that and more while visiting .
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