India - Top Activities

A popular destination with , this country features the best of winter and summer . Welcome to, and today we will be more about some activities, you should out while visiting India.

If you’re to cool off, to the water. India boasts an coastline of almost 5000 that reaches over the Arabian sea, the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.

India’s are on the rise as some of the world’s most sought-after. The majority of india’s beaches are found in the country’s west coast, and these are some of the most diverse beaches in the world. A day at the beach can be a time or can be fun and playful. Take a soothing and bask in the sunshine on the warm white sands.
Majestic palm line the shores near some popular spots making for a picture perfect . Explore the lagoons of the Kerala backwaters on a relaxing ride, which is a popular tourist activity in the area. Grab a kayak and race down one of the country’s many under the shade of the .

For an action-packed voyage, take to the wild rivers for white water rafting. These untamed are the perfect location for . The majority of the white water rafting takes place in the northern rivers. Even the underwater in India is one worth , so scuba-diving is another activity to try.
India is one country where visitors can both play a of golf and ski down snow-covered . In fact, and snow activities are popular in india. Most of the country skiing place in the slopes of the . Great for skilled athletes who love skiing, India is becoming a popular destination for winter . Whether it’s summer a winter you're chasing, india is to have an activity to suit your .

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