India - Unique Excursions

A magical , this Asian country boasts colourful collection of one of a experiences. Welcome to and today we will be checking out a few unique you should try while visiting India.

Attempt to fly a kite or get in a mud wrestling match, try your hand at the game of or hop on a horse and give polo a try. You can even grab a for the unique way to see varied scenery. However, if your ideal experience involves physical activity as well as sightseeing, then you are sure to find ways to amuse yourself in India.

To start, this country is a perfect for a trek. Marvel at the lush valleys and rivers of peninsular India or travel to the Himalayan mountain range which helps form the northern and north-eastern of the country.

Make sure to pack all for your trip including sleeping equipment and a tent. India's camel are once in a lifetime activity. Travel through the windswept sands on the back of a camel, which is known as the of the desert. While they can be difficult to mount, once you manage it, you’re in for unique . Witness golden panoramas as well as colourful traditional of everyday life in the desert. Make sure you are well-prepared for the , is that can be sweltering.
There are other ways to interact with and observe India’s . For example, take a ride down the river on a bamboo raft to see areas of the you might not normally see. You might see animals such as tigers, leopards, different varieties of birds and of course elephants. Under the of your tour leaders, you may even help baby in river waters and instead of taking a ride on a , you may take a rugged on the back of an elephant.

For a different of Indian life, this country is a haven for shoppers, so try and visit a local while you there. Hand-made arts and crafts, as well as hand woven fabrics and even food and can be found, often for a bargain. Getting away from some of the tried and true tourists can definitively be a unique in India and is well worth a try.

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