Present participle vs Past participle

Believe me, it was an experience.

I was completely when I saw him steal it.

It was a very piece of news.

He was really when he heard about it.

His results this term were really .

My parents were really when they got my report.

I found his attitude .

She was to see him dressed like that.

It was a scene to watch.

The woman was when the police stopped her.

It was really this morning.

I had to scrape my windscreen which was completely .

The qaulity of your essay isn't at all.

I'm not with the job you did on the project.

This is a very story.

He was very in the story.

This is the most experience I've ever had.

Don't be , the dog won't bite you.

The rules of cricket are really for the French.

The police were really by how he managed to escape.