Past participle vs Present participle

I visited the MOMA, but I didn't really like it, I found it a bit .
This painting is so sad, I find it .
I tried a Japanese restaurant, but I didn't like the sushis, they were .
I was so about leaving to NY that I couldn't sleep at all.
The travel agent proposed a ride in a helicopter, but I was too of flying and I chose not to go.
I enjoyed the MET a lot, all the exhibitions were really .
I had been waiting in line for 2 hours, and when it was my turn, they closed the line. That was really .
The view from the ESB at night is really .
When I boarded the bus, the driver asked me for the exact change, and I only had a $100 note. Everybody was looking at me, I felt so .
We had a very time in Central Park, just doing nothing.
I had planned to meet a good friend of mine in NY, but he couldn't come. I was very not to be able to see him.