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Katie O’Malley

My name is Katharine O’Malley, but my friends and family me Katie or Kate. I was born on the 23rd of April 1992 in Birkenhead, Wirral. I live in a peninsula in England, between the River Dee, overlooking Wales, North Wales and the River Mersey, looking over to Liverpool. The nearest cities to my town which is called Heswall, are Chester and Liverpool. I am English, but have from both my mother and father, which is quite obvious by my Irish . I have one brother who looks quite similar to me but is 6ft 2, called David, who’s 2 years older than me.

Physical description
Height wise, I am about 5ft 8. I have which is unfortunately naturally curly so I straighten it quite a lot which doesn’t do it any good, and I’ve had highlights to make it a lighter colour. I have and I’ve got quite although I do tan in the sun thankfully. I would say I am and I try to eat so my figure is but I wouldn’t say it’s . I try to do a lot of running and I’m , I do try and maintain a .

It’s quite hard to your personality, I would hope that people would say I’m and ; I always do try and others. I like to have a and I’m always up for fun so I like to think that I’m, on the whole, a bubbly person. However, I must that I am a terrible worrier and I when it comes to University work and achievement. I have always been quite , not so much with other people, but with myself. I always to achieve my utmost and strive to do the best which can take its toll because I’m quite hard on myself sometimes.
In terms of sport, I was an of several sports teams in school. I was on the netball team, I played hockey for the North West of England, I loved rounders, I was on the team, I did rock climbing in my spare time. Nowadays in University, it’s quite hard balancing sports with my but I a few times a week, I go to the gym with friends occasionally, play netball on a Friday for the French society, I sometimes with my Mum, things like this.

Running is quite a big sport in my family. My mum has done , as has my brother, and it’s my dream to do a marathon before I turn 21, but we will see how that works out. When I go back to university next year, I really want to try out for rugby as some of my friends are doing it this year and say it’s really good fun and of . Although I am of being tackled down to the ground but I’ll give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen?