Listen and type the words to fill in the blanks

Une fille invite son amie à dîner ; elles ne s’entendent pas sur le menu:

Mum : Jenny, what do you want for dinner? fish and chips?
Jenny : Hum...not really. I fish but I chips
Sheila : I fish but I chips, mum.
Mum : alright (sigh) what about chicken and salad?
Jenny : Sorry, miss but I really chicken...salad OK.
Sheila : Oh, come on Jenny, I know you chicken.
Jenny : No, I . I chicken. What about bacon and eggs?
Sheila : Yuck! Bacon? It’s disgusting I ham.
Mum : well..I no ham in the fridge...(sigh again)... Ok let’s go to Mc Donald’s.
Sheila and Jenny : SUPER!

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