Listen and fill in the gaps

Une assistante d’anglais se présente à la classe. Les élèves lui posent des questions :

Assistant : Hello guys !
Pupils: Good morning!
Assistant: How you today?
Class: Fine, thank you!
Assistant: the new English assistant. Any questions?
Pupil: What your name?
Assistant: My name Amy O’Donnell
Pupil: How old you?
Assistant: twenty-eight years old.
Pupil: Where you ?
Assistant: Well...I in Chelmsford, that in Essex
Pupil: you a boyfriend?
Assistant: Yes, I . Next question?
Pupil: you a pet?
Assistant: Yes, I . I animals. a turtle and his name BOGGY; and a hamster, BANDIT
Pupil: you football?
Assistant: Yes, I . My favourite team MANCHESTER United but I rugby as a fan of the All Blacks.
Pupil: you fish & chips?
Assistant: So-so! I paninis. And you...who you?
Pupil: My name ....

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