The Netherlands

Referred to who is the world’s legal because of its roles as host for many international courts this country is also known for windmills, tulips and clogs.
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The Netherlands is often called despite the fact that North and South Holland are only two of the country’s twelve provinces. The capital and most city is Amsterdam with a population of over 16 and a total area of just over 16 thousand square miles, the country is populated. The official of the Netherlands is , although many people speak various languages, such as English, French and . The Netherlands is a remarkably flat country with the only found in certain areas of the land. Because of the country’s placement, it is susceptible to unsettled . The is temperate and fairly . Winters and summers are both very , with maximum temperatures averaging 63 degrees in summer and minimum temperatures at thirty-five degrees. Because of the abundance of Dutch landscape painters, it is well-known that the Dutch sky is rarely clear. There are only roughly 25 clear days per year in the Netherlands.
When it isn’t raining, take part in any number activities in this lovely country. Around fifteen million dutch people regularly travel by , which gives this country the : the land of bicycles. This is because of the relatively short distance between cities and because the country is relatively flat. So do as the do: grab a bike and explore. You can also take part in any number sports. In winter, use clear days as an opportunity to go .
The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, has been a center for the industry for over four hundred years. It is also home to one hundred and sixty and over twelve hundred .
The Dutch are famous for their dairy products, especially their . The majority of dutch cheeses are semi-hard or hard and typically dutch production involves blending herbs and during the early stages. Famous Dutch cheeses are Gouda, Edam and Leyden.
They are also famous for their folklore. The cultural life in the Netherlands is varied and . Some of the world’s most painters are held in this country. And Dutch paintings and crafts are celebrated worldwide. Some famous painters of Dutch origin include Vermeer, Van Gogh and Rembrandt.
Traditionally, it’s seen as the land of windmills , tulips and shoes. Windmills are linked with the Netherlands because of their historical use as an source. is an important industry through the Netherlands, receiving roughly ten millions visitors annually from across the globe.

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