Listen and fill in the gaps

Hi! name is Percy. Percy Jackson, ’m twelve and a half and live in Chicago, Illinois, in the USA. father is a mechanic and works for FORD. is tall and strong.
’s got short straight blond hair and green eyes. ’s got a moustache and a lot of tattoos, name is Fred, Fred Jackson. mother is a secretary in a car company, is really beautiful, is small and slim. ’s got long curly brown hair. ’s got blue eyes. loves jewels.
’m not an only child, ’ve got two sisters, lucky ! Samantha is younger than me, is ten and is a real pest.
Caroline is older than me. is fifteen years old and loves boys. never plays with ...
like playing the console, dancing to hip-hop, and love driving karts, ’s my passion. What hate...well, hate school! hate going to school, prefer driving with all friends on Sundays...

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