Radio glossary

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Running-order sheet
Anchor intro
Musical loop
Vox pop
Mixing deck
Ad is an abbreviation for advertisement. Usually, it's a recorded piece of audio to promote a business or event.
A short audio clip played on a radio show used for promotion. Sponsors or advertisers use them between tracks, usually accompanied with voice-overs and sound effects to engage listeners.
Recorded report that includes both the journalist’s voice and an actuality.
First piece of news in the broadcast.
Recorded interview extract.
A document redacted by the anchor that helps the engineer with the broadcast
The written version of a script or interview.
A person who reports the news and manages reports by others on a television or radio program.
A short official announcement made publicly to inform people about an important matter.
The way information is treated.
A script redacted by the anchor, that allows him to introduce – or launch – a report during the newscast.
News that doesn’t get a developed treatment, like a voicer or an actuality. It can be used in a newsflash or in a longer bulletin.
Major news that will be discussed in the bulletin.
Consists in short audio elements whose function is to keep the interest of the listeners and facilitate the understanding of the news.
A very short audio punctuation.
Section of a piece of music cut in such a way that it can be seamlessly repeated indefinitely by technical means.
An audio report that groups, after editing, the answers of various people to the same questions.
Short script – 25 lines at most. It must last less than a minute. It's the script the journalist writes and reads in his own voice.
An electronic device for mixing audio signals.
The area in a newspaper or broadcasting office where news is processed.