How to serve tea

Find and correct the 8 mistakes in the text

All our teas are served in porcelain pots along with an individual . Also, different teas have different times, which we will inform the guests of when we serve their tea. Now, we can move on to the steps of tea service.
Step one : set up the tray with the in the middle. Arrange the cups and saucers, teaspoons and sugar around the teapot. All the handles and teaspoons should be facing the same direction.
Step two : when at the guests table, place the items on the table first. The the item, the it should be taken off the tray. Ensure that all the handles are facing the same direction, to the right of the guest.
Step three : place the condiments within easy of all the guests at the table.
Step four : present the teapot and inform the guests of the steeping time.
Step 5 : once the tea has steeped, the tea for the guests and invite them to enjoy their perfectly made cup of tea.