Adolescence, sexuality and sexual education

Adolescence is the of human development which commences biologically with changes at the physiology of the pubis and completes psychologically with the ultimate organization of sexuality. The increase of sexual urge in combination with the and mysterious emotions and thoughts may possibly be characterized as the most intense occurrence during the adolescents’ development. All adolescents want to know more about such as copulation, onanism, conception, pregnancy, and sexually diseases. Also, they wish to know how to place sex within their own so that they can be able to establish satisfactory and constructive relationships. Most young people however, have very little information and help on these issues. Proper information on issues related to sexual could and should be carried out by health professionals. The health professionals can take responsibility in the issues of sexual education of the adolescents in order to discourage problems such as undesired pregnancies, sexual diseases and sexual abuse. The same time, the promotion of adolescent’ sexual health may also be achieved with better personnel training, better information and better organization of the .