San Francisco

Hey, welcome to, I'm your host Christine, and if you're planning a to San Francisco, here are the top you should check out.
Number one : the Golden Gate Bridge. This landmark San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge was the in the when it was completed in -. It is currently the suspension bridge in the .
Number two : Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz Island aka the Rock is a small located in the middle of San Francisco Bay. It offers a close-up look to the site of the first and US fort on the West , drawing more than one million visitors per year, remaining an .
Number 3 : Fisherman's Wharf. Known for its waterfront, delicious and unique shopping, Fisherman's Wharf offers a wide array of things to do for everyone. It offers some of the most of San Francisco bay, the Golden Gate and the cityscape.
Number four : Cable cars. San Francisco cable cars are an accepted mode of transportation for of San Francisco. They also provide to many of the city's most popular , and you can even use them to take your own of San Francisco.
Number five : The Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park is over three long and nine blocks wide. Though the has seen changes over the years, what it remains today is a place to play, , and .
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