Christie Lee - My smoking history

Listen and find the missing words :

Hey guys It’s me Christie Lee and today, I’m gonna talk about my with smoking. I thought it was a really good just to give you guys kind of a feel of the struggles, my , how long this has been going on, you know (erm). And it’s gonna kind of me look back over the years and see..(erm) basically how important I think it really is for me to this addiction.
So, I had my very first cigarette when I was nine years old, but I’m pretty sure that long before then. My mother smoked while she was with me and smoked me, her mother smoked around me, my father, everyone when I was growing up, all my family members were smokers. So I was around cigarette smoke . So Yes, I had my first cigarette at nine years old. I remember I was then in grade and I was going to some counseling. I don't know how I got the cigarette, I don't know where it came from, but I going out behind the building with another little girl that I was there with, smoking the cigarette. And she it, I, on the other hand, kind of it. (Erm) I didn't become a smoker at that age, but that was my first experience with smoking a cigarette.
Then when I was around 12 years old, 12 or 13, this is when I really started the habit, and I remember that I a pack of cigarettes from my nana and my papa. They smoke at the time, they've since quit for a long time, they've been quit for a long time, I think twenty years now. (Erm) We were heading back home from Tampa to my mom’s house and they had a couple of packs of cigarettes sitting out on the counter for the drive, and I took a pack and took it at the school with me and it with all my friends. They were Winstons, a very strong cigarette.
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