Christie Lee - My smoking history

Listen and find the missing words :

So, I wanted to talk about some of the things, what made me start smoking?
Well, I was always , I was always it, and I always felt II was kinda drawn to it. And I think that's because, as I said, my smoked while she was pregnant with me, and then, as a baby and growing up, most of my childhood was around . So I think I was addicted to it from the get go. So I was always drawn to it, I just like of it, so, that is definitely what made me start.
I'm gonna talk about what I like about smoking, and what I about smoking. So, smoking for me has always been a thing, it's been a great boredom buster, if I get , I can smoke cigarettes back to back and it keeps me..., I don't know, it chills me out I guess.
The thing that I the most about the cigarette is the draw of the cigarette, the action of pulling it to my , pulling in that big draw of the smoke, and then releasing it and the smoke.