Christie Lee - My smoking history

Listen and find the missing words :

Now the things that I about smoking is definitely the control that it has over me, it controls every of my life, I’ve got to have my cigarettes, if I don’t have them, I am cranky, , and I just feel . I hate how much money we on tobacco, I hate that before anything else, those cigarettes , before we eat, before some bills sometimes. I hate that it makes me, everything I and everything around me stink, and I don’t it until I go somewhere, my family has quit smoking, I’m the only one left in the family who still smokes, so when I walk into their house and I can just smell the stench, the nasty cigarettes all over me, and it just reeks really bad, and I know when I go in public, people can smell it . I hate that my house and everything in it now smells like cigarettes, I hate that my car and everything it it smell like cigarettes, anytime the get in the car, they’re always commenting about the smell. I hate almost everything about it, I do, like I said, enjoy the draw and all that, but everything else, I hate about t, I hate that it affects my , it affects my breathing on a regular basis, it affects my health, it affects my skin, my , it’s just a nasty, nasty ,.