Christie Lee - My smoking history

Listen and find the missing words :

Another thing I didn’t mention was that, being a smoker, I am now embarrassed, I don’t like rolling down my window too much when I’m driving, and people see the cigarette, I don’t like when I walk out at work to have a , I don’t like my customers to know that I’m a smoker, like the whole stigma around smoking has changed, I remember when I was younger, it was, not that it was the cool thing to do, but it’s just different now. I get , I don’t like people that I’m a smoker. Several years ago, I was smoking about a day, I smoke at least a pack a day now, if not more, and that’s horrible. I once did the math on it, and I have smoked multiple thousands of cigarettes over my because there are 20 cigarettes in a pack, a pack a day, times so many years, it’s insane. So yeah, it has been a long, long journey of to tobacoo, being controlled by tobacco. I started off very young, and I’m now on my way to being 35 years old and this is something that I really, really want to ,