Christmas gingerbread cookies recipe, part 3 - decorating your cookies!

To make your you will need icing sugar or confectioners sugar, powdered white, if you can’t get hold of that then or pavlova mix are both fine, and some . Mix the egg white into the icing sugar then add most of the water. If you are using powdered egg white, then you will probably need nearly all of the water but if you are using pavlova mix you’ll need a bit less. Then on medium for about five minutes. Stop the mixer and lift up the beaters, and if it is ready, it should have soft peaks that just bend over slightly when you lift it up like this.
Split the mixture into as many as you want , and mix through some gel food coloring. If you want pastel colours then liquid colour will be fine but if you want stronger colours, then you're gonna need to use the strong gel colourings. I’m just gonna color them red, white and green for these cookies. If you do want black, then you will need to mix in some powder and then lots of black food coloring.
Scoop it in a piping or you can use a ziplock bag and cut a tiny bit off the end, so that you get a thin continuous stream of icing when you squeeze the bag. Draw an on your cookies, if you want different of colour , then draw a border to separate them out though. You can use the same colour for the outline as you are going to use for the middle section or you can use a colour for the outline. And of course you can use more than one colour on each cookie to outline different areas as well.
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