Business Tips: How to Improve Public Speaking Skills

My name is Liz Crompton. I’m a member of the “speak with style toastmaster's club” for the last year and I service the vice president of public relations and as VP of education.
Never turn down an opportunity to speak in , even if you are a speaker and you’re confident, you have to keep using it, because otherwise you lose it, as they say.
Know your material if you’re with the material and you’ve read it, you do more than you need, you have it always at your fingertips.
Arrive a little bit especially if you’re not with it, if you need to handle materials or if you need to practice for the mic, practice with the laptop or just get a sense of the lay of the land, it’s better to get there a little bit and to be with these things, get it all set up before the people come in.
Relax ! That's a hard one … But you'll see the great speakers really look very comfortable in front of a large number of people, it’s like you’re having a one on one with them. Eye is another one I have with eye contact myself because I find that when I look at somebody I completely forget what I was going to say next.
Movement. You’ll notice someone isn’t static, they’ll around a little bit, and if someone is very tight and standing like this and not looking around too much, that shows that they're a little bit closed off, often not feeling very comfortable. You might feel like you’re exaggerating your movements but in reality probably aren’t.
is critical for the good and for the bad, because even the best speakers, even the people who are the top of the game, in whatever field they are, there’s always room for improvement

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