Tableside manners

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To be a great doctor you have to have great bedside manners. To be a great server, you have to have great tableside manners. We can learn from Jane's excellent example. Pay attention to her hand gestures, the way she speaks and her overall attitude.
Hello everyone, welcome to Lorenzo's, my name is Jane and I'll be the one this evening. Just to let you know that in addition to the full bar tonight, our bartender is making an
mojito. It's made with fresh , Jamaican rum and served in a chilled glass with sugar around the rim.
Jane did a great job with that presentation. Not only did the mojito sound great, she also made eye contact with everyone at the table. This is really important when you're presenting the , you want to make sure that everyone at your table feels that you've acknowledged them. Throughout her entire presentation, Jane was speaking at a nice even level. Speak loudly enough for everyone to hear you but don't at your guests,

Jane's pacing was good - she didn't race through the specials. She spoke that everyone could visualize what she was talking about. Lastly, Jane enunciated. You want your guests to be able to understand what you were saying.
Now let's pay attention to Jane's demeanor as she approaches and greets her table. She is upbeat and cheerful but not over-the-top bubbly. As a server, you should always collected, calm and in total control, even if you're slammed.

Jane gave us an excellent example of what to do. Let's take a look at a few examples of what not to do tableside.
Hey guys, my name's John. I’ll serve you tonight. Can I get you something to drink ?
Well we were looking at the . What do you think honey ? oh this looks like something..
Oh yeah, the Sauvignon Blanco, that's a hmm had a bottle up to my shift last night, Wow Wow
Wow ! John did three things that were not professional. First he actually at the table with the guests. This is a big mistake. Unless guests specifically ask you to sit down with them, you sit at a table. The same goes for kneeling next to the table. Unless there is a to kneel, don't !
Next John interrupted the female guests. he made a when the male guest asked his girlfriend what wine she wanted. If a guest specifically talks to another guest, you should never answer
for them.

Lastly, John provided a little too much personal information about himself by telling the guests that he a bottle of wine at the end of his the night before. Guests are not interested in your life story, they're here to eat drink and be merry.
The next don't is . Check out how fantastic John thinks things are.
Okay has everyone decided on what they'll be having tonight?
Yes, I'll have the five-cheese .
Fantastic! Did you want soup or salad?
I'm sure I’ll have a cup of the minestrone soup.
Fantastic! Our minestrone soup is absolutely delicious. So and for you sir?
I’ll have the beef tenderloin.
Fantastic! And did you want Portobello sauce with that?
Sure, why not.
Fantastic! Did you want soup or salad? I’ll go with the half-mixed field greens.
Fantastic! Now did you want poppy seed or strawberry vinaigrette ?
I think I'll go with the poppy seed. I'm sure it's fantastic.

Don't words such as fantastic, great, perfect, delicious or other adjectives. Be aware of this and try to it.
Being friendly is essential to being a great server but being too friendly is the kiss of death,
Okay the tuna special, excellent choice, it's delicious.
And what can I get for you bro?
Bro? I don't think so! Your guests aren't your friends, they with respect and . Avoid using words like hon, honey, , dude, sugar, darling, or any other familiar terms. The same goes for children.
And what can I get this cute little darling?
I'm not your darling!
Ouch! Jane was trying to connect with the little girl by squatting down and using the cutesy baby-talk voice. Don't talk down to kids and don't kneel down next to them. Just because Jane's niece likes her baby voice doesn't mean all kids will.
The same holds true for the . Just because your grandmother can't hear you doesn't mean you need to yell at all elderly. If you speak to them and they don't respond, then you'll know to speak up.

My last don't has to do with . Trust me, and food do not mix.
And for you sir?
I'll have…
I'm sorry, just can't take this cold man…
I'll have the tomato basil pasta please.
Okay, great..
John's not sounding good. When tableside, avoid , strange or any weird bodily noises. If you feel like you're going to or cough, excuse yourself from the table. If you sneeze into your hands, let your guests know you'll be right back in a moment after you wash your hands.
It's to pick up their menus or water glasses right after you've sneezed into your hands also avoid actually touching your body. Don't rub your forehead or scratch your head before you serve your guests food.
Lastly avoid adjusting your or pulling on your pants while at the table, it's and not very . Try to keep all of these tips as you service your tables. Believe me your guests will appreciate your great tableside manners.