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A Ketel One Vodka Martini with the twist! Delicious! Usually, when I’m at a restaurant, I simply order a Vodka Martini with a twist. Now, depending on the restaurant and the server, the server may ask if I'd prefer my martini made with Ketel one, Finlandia, Absolut and so on. If prompted, I'll always order a Ketel one. The server who asks has just successfully my Martini to a premium liquor. Upselling is an excellent way to the base price of your tables bill, and it usually increases the guests’ impression of your service. Give them excellent service and you'll reap the rewards at the end of the meal. The key to upselling is to do it subtly. You don't want to seem too pushy. If your guest declines, let it go. Now let's watch a few scenarios of opportunities to upsell.

Oh hello, welcome to Lorenzo's, my name is Jane and I'll be the one you, just let me know if there's anything that you need. Tonight our bartender is making a raspberry Martini, it's made with Chambord Stoli vanilla and garnished with a fresh raspberry.
I'll have the raspberry Martini.
I'll take a gin Martini.
Would you prefer a gin, Tanquerey, Bombay, Sapphire, Beefeater?
Sapphire would be great great.
Excellent. I'll be right back with those.

Jane's on a roll. By presenting this couple with a of the night, she encouraged them to get a round of cocktails. She also offered the gentleman call in premium gin choices that increased the price of his drink. Let's watch some other examples of upselling moments.
And our soup today is squash bisque made with fresh cream. Can I go ahead and get an appetizer started for you while you decide on the rest of your meal?
Excellent! Jane has encouraged her guests to order an appetizer before they decide on the rest of their meal. This is a great way to get your guests to order multiple courses and increase the cheque size.

And garnished with a fresh raspberry.
I think we're in the mood for wine tonight. a nice Merlot?
Oh, well by the glass, our sommelier has chosen three Merlots listed at the bottom of your menu. My favorite is the Ravenswood, it's medium bodied with a nice oak aroma and a hint of blackberry mixed in.
Sounds nice ! I think I'll go with your recommendation.
Jane's special drink sale didn't work, but she recovered and upsold the male guests from a house Merlot to a much more expensive glass of wine.
When making recommendations, it's important not to always recommend the most expensive glass of wine. If you keep pushing the most expensive items, your guests might start to doubt your recommendation.

Do you have any questions about anything on the menu?
I think we're ready to order.
I'll have the halibut.
Excellent ! Now, do you want to start with a cup of our signature butternut squash soup, the really pair nicely with the halibut?
Jane just encouraged her guests towards the restaurant signature soup and she gave the guests to order it: ‘it pairs nicely with the halibut’.
Tying a special value to a always helps to sell it. you can use ‘the chef recommends’, ‘my personal favorite’ or ‘a lot of my like to give a dish a special recommendation’. Check out the reference section for a list of similar terms. Remember, an undecided guest is an opportunity to upsell the guest to something they might not normally get. By helping them decide, you can influence their choices and help them pick out multiple and/or more expensive dishes.
Your guests will have a richer dining experience thanks to your recommendations. Remember, great service is what's going to make this a great dining experience for your guests and a great for you.

Tonight we have a wonderful dessert special. Our chef designed a dessert featuring fresh strawberries. He starts with a puff and smothers it in vanilla bean and then tops it with fresh strawberry halves, drizzled over the entire thing in strawberry puree.
Now we also have homemade if you're looking for something a little lighter and our flavors tonight are strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, peach and black cherry, and you could have one to four flavors.
Let's get the strawberry dessert.
Sounds good!
And would you care for an after-dinner drink? A port Bailey's latte cappuccino?
I’s love a latte with Bailey's
And for you sir?
I'd like a Fonseca Port.
Jane’s presentation of the special dessert was excellent. Her guests immediately wanted the dessert after hearing her description of the strawberry puff pastry. Jane also provided them with several after-dinner drinks besides just plain coffee. Her dessert sale just boosted the guests’ bill and consequently her tip.

Well your appetizers will be ready in just a moment. Can I go ahead with the rest of your orders? Get the menus ?
That'd be great. You go first.
I think I'll have the with purple potatoes.
The purple potatoes are intriguing. Would you like to start with a mixed green salad with pears and goat cheese?
Hmm, I don't know how hungry I am.
Well I could put in a if you'd like to have some greens.
That'd be great.

Jane tried to push a salad course on Jackie. Jackie was a little hesitant and looked like she was about to decline the salad when Jane jumped in with another alternative: a half salad. Not all restaurants will do this, so make sure you check with your kitchen and manager before you go offering services to guests that you can't . The important thing to remember is that you are on stage the moment you step into the restaurant. You are a selling machine. I can't stress this next point enough: you must own the menu, you need to know each dish to be able to sell it, you need to know whether the potatoes that come with the sirloin are Fingerling, Yukon Gold or Baby Reds. Check out the terminology section if you need some help figuring out what the difference is between braised and broiled or if you need to get some great descriptive vocabulary for your presentations. Utilize opportune moments to upsell. Your guests will appreciate your interests in their meal and you'll also increase your guests bill and subsequently your tip. Always remember: you're a .