Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America, is a city of symbols.
The Capitol building is where the United States meets. The is the home of the president. The and memorials were built to honor two of the United States' greatest presidents. The Washington Monument began in 1848 as a tribute to George Washington, the country's first president.

Washington is also a city of , the bureau of printing and engraving, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Library of Congress, the building houses the highest court in the Land.

The city is one of the United States greatest tourist attractions, with its many and . The national Zoological Park, created in 1887 exhibits more than four thousand wild animals and is also a major research facility. The , founded in eighteen forty-six, in is the largest complex of museums in the world.

The National has more than nine million visitors each year, making it Washington's most museum.

Washington DC is also a city or art. It is home to the Hirshhorn and Freer Museums, as well as the Corcoran Gallery of art. You will also enjoy touring the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and dozens of other fine art institutions. The Folger Shakespeare library has the world's largest collection of Shakespeare's work.

Washington is also a city filled with to the nation's proud history. Visitors can pay their respects to the nation's fallen at the intensely moving . The tomb of the at Arlington National cemetery, and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Nearby Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, dates from the early 1700s. The old town quarter of Alexandria features and . Georgetown is one of Washington's favorite spots.

There, you can visit embassy row, stroll down by the old C&O tow canal, eat at 's many fine restaurants and walk its tree line streets. And don't forget to visit , George Washington's historic stately home.

Visiting Washington DC, the of the United States will be one of your most memorable stopping places in America.